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It can be lonely but when you meet someone who gets it, it’s transforming.


HONO Community Services provides a range of professional support coordination services that offer wrap around support to families as they navigate their children's disability journey. Our service strives on implementing innovative and creative interventions to support children across a range of settings, specialising in supporting children and young people with complex disabilities. 

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About HONO 
Community Services

Innovative and efficient, HONO Community Services have become a reputable and well-known community service provider, thriving on providing high quality supports for participants and their families. 


Our close-knit and family oriented organisation specialises in providing holistic supports to children and young people with complex support needs. Our support means less stress and a more fulfilled life for your child and your family.



- Help you to understand your NDIS Plan

- Ensure you are receiving the tailored supports you need

- Support you through your plan review or change of situation 

- Identify specialist clinicians and practitioners 

- Identify suitable programs and services

- Source qualified and experienced community support workers

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Our Services

What We Provide

Innovative and efficient, HONO Community Services have become a reputable and well-known community service provider, thriving on providing high quality supports for participants and their families. 

Our close-knit and family oriented organisation specialises in providing holistic supports to children and young people with complex support needs.  Our support means less stress and a more fulfilled life for your child and your family.


Specialist Support Coordination

Our Specialist Support Coordinators are highly qualified allied health professionals with extensive industry experience.

They provide a holistic and expert approach to supporting participants to address persistent and complex barriers.

Level 3 Specialist Support Coordinators take a clinical lead and oversee the support plans, implementation of services across the entire multidisciplinary team and provide a higher level of support helping to work through significant obstacles.

Support Coordination

Our team of experienced Support Coordinators provide holistic person centred supports to increase individual capacity and optimise growth. Our team work within a multidisciplinary framework to promote best outcomes for our participants and their families. Level 2 Support Coordinators walk alongside participants and their families throughout their NDIS journey, overseeing referrals, reports, budgets, service agreements, plan reviews and engagements. 


Professional Supervision, Professional Development & Team Training

We currently offer professional supervision and tailored training opportunities to both individuals and teams to support with ongoing professional development to enhance a person’s individual practice and ensure best outcomes for their participants.


Guest Presentations

Our team have been regular guest presenters within the rare disease sector and have provided a wealth of information and knowledge on the advocacy of children with critical and complex illnesses.


What makes us unique

At HONO our ethos is based on the best place for any child to be is within their own home.

Our frameworks are built on keeping the entire family unit together for as long as possible. 


Your child is always the focus

Keeping your child at the centre of their supports is essential to promoting choice, control and growth. 


We specialise in supporting children and young people 

We have a thorough understanding of early intervention and childhood development that directs our practices. 


We value and empower everyone in your child's network

Whether it’s therapists, teachers educators or medical professionals, our holistic approach ensures you and your network feel equipped and empowered. 


We listen to and validate
your concerns

Understanding your insights and validating your concerns allow us to provide practical strategies to help your child make everyday life more successful.


We work within a trauma-informed approach

We understand that trauma exposure can impact an individual's neurological, biological, psychological and social development.

Our Team


Jemma Niwha

Managing Director / Specialist Support Coordinator

Commencing her nursing career in 2005, Jemma completed her undergraduate studies at the University of western sydney, later moving on to complete post graduate qualifications in Psychology, Criminology and Criminal Justice.


With her career now spanning over 18 years within the community welfare sector, she has gained significant and unique skills across medical, clinical, theraputic and operational settings.


Having managed complex support services nationally and abroad, Jemma brings expert knowledge, guidance and governance as she leads our team to navigate the complexities of both NDIS and mainstream systems and pathways. 


Abraham Niwha

General Manager

Beginning his career in 2003 as a infantry soldier with the New Zealand Army, Abraham actively served 10 years on both domestic and international deployments, which seen him establish a solid foundation of structure, routine and compliance.


Abraham went on to further his career in the civilian workforce with qualifications in Leadership and Management, Adult Education and Training as well as Work, Health and Safety. Abraham's 18 year career has seen him take up roles in the specialist areas of correctional practice, suicide and risk management, behavioural intervention, emergency response, work health and safety, and security operations spanning across the divisions of military, government and private sectors in Australia, New Zealand and abroad.


Adelle Breen

Support Coordinator

Adelle joins our team with a extensive wealth of knowledge having been in early childhood development, early intervention and education for over 22 years. Adelles primary role over the past 5 years has been coordinating and facilitating the delivery of equitable and inclusive education programs to ensure quality outcomes for children with additional needs. 


Adelle is blessed to have twin girls with ASD and is passionate about walking alongside other families that are in the midst of their children's disability journey. Adelle's personal experiences have allowed her to learn, grow and develop an undertaking that many others within the industry will never know. 


Teena Ngan

Support Coordinator

For over 7 years, Teena has worked for the NSW Department of Education supporting students with a large range of disabilities and additional educational needs. Her collaboration and person centric approach has led to fabulous outcomes for her students and their families, as they undertook the tremendous transition to the next phase of adult life.

 Teena's key areas of expertise include facilitating access to post school options, supporting work readiness, access to employment and further educational opportunities across a range of tertiary settings. Teena's experience of working from a strengths based framework has enabled her to build and maintain strong and profound relationships, supporting individuals to reach milestones they once thought were impossible to achieve. Teena firmly believes adequate planning, preparation and dedication are amongst the most vital keys to long term success. 


Lee Stewart

Support Coordinator

Lee is welcomed to our Central Coast team to share the extensive knowledge and experience she has gained with over 15 years in early childhood education and development.

Having walked alongside many families during the crucial years of their child’s development, Lee has a remarkable ability to connect and form long lasting relationships.  

Now having a young family of her own, Lee understands the importance of having the right people in your “village”, she is extremely passionate about supporting children and their families to reach their goals through therapy and fun.


Emma Unicomb

Executive Assistant

Emma has more than 6 years’ experience in all thing’s administration and an overall passion to make a positive impact on people’s lives wherever possible. Being driven by supporting her team, she takes pride in being able to provide the best administrative support to participants and their families as they navigate the NDIS world.

Emma’s goal is to create a beneficial impact on the community and to have the ability to work with families throughout their support journey whether it be directly or behind the scenes. 


Stephanie Haaring

Enrolled Nurse

After developing a passion for clinical care, Stephanie completed her Diploma of Nursing in 2022 and now works as an Enrolled Nurse across a range of hospital and community settings. Stephanie is currently completing her Bachelor of Nursing with ambitions to further specialise in paediatric medicine. 


Playing a vital role in supporting both interdisciplinary medical teams as well as multidisciplinary community teams within complex settings, Stephanie provides overarching clinical knowledge and guidance to the HONO team. 


Natalie Sciberras

Student Nurse / Community Support Worker

Natalie is a bright, driven and compassionate young lady who thrives on building strong and long lasting relationships with the children and families she supports.

Currently finishing her HSC and school studies in Allied Health, Natalie is excited to soon embark on a new journey of undertaking her Diploma of Nursing in 2024 where she will deepen the clinical knowledge and skills she has developed over the past 2 years.

Being the eldest of 3 siblings, Natalie has naturally fallen into a career focusing on working with children with complex support needs. She is highly dedicated to achieving her personal goals whilst making a positive impact in the lives of those that cross her path.


John Franulovic

Community Support Specialist

With over 45 years of experience John has taken the wheel with a job that combines his love of people and strong sense of community spirit.

He exceeds expectations and thrives to provide a calm and welcoming environment for all clients.

By offering exceptional service with no detail unattended, we have been fortunate enough to have developed into providing priority transportation across Sydney. Our goal is to make your travels safe, effortless and on schedule.

As HONO's resident fisherman John also provides 1:1 and group fishing experiences for participants across Sydney. 

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