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What Makes Us Unique

At HONO our ethos is based on the best place for any child to be is within their own home.

Our frameworks are built on keeping the entire family unit together for as long as possible. 


Your child is always the focus

Keeping your child at the centre of their supports is essential to promoting choice, control and growth. 


We specialise in supporting children and young people 

We have a thorough understanding of early intervention and childhood development that directs our practices. 


We value and empower everyone in your child's network

Whether it’s therapists, teachers educators or medical professionals, our holistic approach ensures you and your network feel equipped and empowered. 


We listen to and validate
your concerns

Understanding your insights and validating your concerns allow us to provide practical strategies to help your child make everyday life more successful.


We work within a trauma-informed approach

We understand that trauma exposure can impact an individual's neurological, biological, psychological and social development.

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