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Professional Services

HONO Community Services provides a range of professional operational consultancy services for the community services sector. HONO consultants specialise in providing expertise and guidance to help you improve day-to-day processes, take inventory of your current business model, providing solutions to producing the same high-quality results at a fraction of the cost and time and allows opportunities to tweak and optimize your production for better results.


Running a small or midsize business is challenging, simply because of the sheer number of tasks it takes to succeed. Our services are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your existing services, identifying problems, analyzing business opportunities and create solutions while helping your organisation to meet their industry goals. HONO strive to deliver a high level of service through our passion for client-based work, our drive for excellence, and our eye for organisational detail.

Individual Business Consultancy

Our HONO business consultant can be a valuable asset to your small business as we offer a unique and objective perspective, helping small business owners set goals, create strategic plans that outline the goals, objectives, and strategies of your business, improve efficiency, and provide unbiased advice. With the help of a business consultant, you will create an actionable plan based on your vision and goals, helping you to understand what needs to be done to achieve those goals.

Our business consultants are trained to observe the inner workings of a company, from the bottom up, and find ways to improve them. This includes finding ways to make your processes more efficient or effective, identifying areas where you’re losing money or wasting resources and working with employees on how they can work better together. Our consultant will be able to point out what is working well in your company and what could use some improvement and, while they may not be able to tell you exactly how to fix an issue as they might not have worked in the technical area themselves, they are able to give you input and pointers as well as guide you to find an actual solution.

A business consultant can help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. In fact, one of the most important things that a business consultant offers is accountability. A business consultant can hold you accountable for making progress towards your goals to ensure you are staying on track.

Practice and Professional Supervision
HONO Community Services is a provider of both Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination to participants with a range of complex disabilities nationwide. Given our breadth of expertise we also offer professional supervision and tailored training opportunities to both individuals and teams to support with ongoing professional development to enhance a person’s individual practice and ensure best outcomes for their participants.

It is essential for businesses to understand the distinct difference between practice and professional supervision, from managerial supervision and formal appraisal, which are instead focused on ensuring that organisational and professional policies are met. Practice supervision is not an assessment of a person’s competence. While both practice and managerial supervision are important for development, managerial supervision and appraisals are used to assess a person’s performance against aspects such as resource and time management and is usually led by a line manager on an annual basis.

Practice supervision is about supporting and enhancing a person’s practice, by enabling a person to reflect on and review their work. Unlike managerial supervision, practice supervision is led by the supervisee, so that they can identify individual training and development needs, problem solve and seek recommendations on individual cases as well as having access to a safe space for seeking guidance that relate to their individual struggles. These supports should also take place on a regular basis, to enable continued support.

It is important for staff especially those new to the support coordination role to have access to practice/professional supervision, as well as managerial supervision. Keeping these separate enables you to openly reflect on and improve your professional skills and practice. One way that this can be achieved is by having managerial and practice/professional supervision with different people, which can help to distinguish clear boundaries. Supervision is an essential aspect to continuing professional development and plays a vital role in ensuring good practice and high-quality care. Professionals at all levels of their career will benefit from supervision, as it provides an important opportunity to reflect on your professional practice, including what went well, or not so well, and where improvements could be made.

Professional Supervision

HONO currently offers 1;1 and group professional supervision to both level 2 and level 3 support coordinators on a frequency that suits them or their organisation. Professional supervision is essential in enhancing individual self-care, resilience and confidence.

Group supervision allows your team the opportunity to discuss challenges and problem solve scenarios in a group environment. This model of supervision allows your staff access to a supportive group environment, facilitates access to a diversity of reflections, feedback and input, allows the opportunity for participants to experience others coaching styles, and is an effective way of drawing on the expertise of a group of people. Group supervision is known to reduce pressure and alleviate the anxiety your staff may experience during 1;1 supervision, creating a safe and productive learning environment.

Tailored Training

HONO offers tailored training opportunities based on the individual needs of your team. This training option is provider driven and can be developed based on the current or future needs of your team. Companies can gain tangible benefits from investing in tailored training for their employees. Not only does this approach result in better-trained staff, but the contributions they go on to make will boost productivity and bolster profits. This also supports with improving organizational cultures and staff retention.

To enquire on any Business Consultancy, Professional Supervision, Professional Development & Team Training, please contact us now!

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