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Our Story


HONO which means to "link or connect" in Māori, was established in 2021 in Sydney by founders and Managing Directors Jemma and Abraham Niwha. 


After a combined 40 year career in Community Services, Jemma and Abraham identified a gap in specialist supports being provided holistically to children and young people with rare and complex diseases. After losing their beautiful daughter Maia to a neonatal death in 2021 due to medical complications whilst in the NICU, Jemma and Abraham embarked on a journey to make a difference for other families experiencing similar struggles. 


The duo set out to develop a service that could offer a model of care that suited vulnerable families as they navigated their childrens complex disability journey. Having walked a personal journey of grief, the team have since established strong community ties supporting families as they navigate the active and progressive advancement of their loved ones diseases, with a primary goal to optimise their quality of life.


Stepping outside of the structured and corporate community services world, HONO has flourished by establishing a reputation for both clinical and operational excellence providing a unique model of support that meets families on their level with a tailored approach that works best for them and their loved one. 


As HONO continues to grow, we are proud to now be supporting over 100 families across Australia. We are hopeful we will continue to instill a passion amoungst others to make a difference, to think outside of the box and to simply walk a day in the shoes of those that we support for only then will we truly feel the impact of the supports we provide. 

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